Friday, December 7, 2007

University of Dayton will offer human rights degree

The University of Dayton’s (UD) board of trustees recently approved one of the nation’s first bachelor’s degrees in human rights studies. The degree will prepare students for careers as human rights advocates and humanitarians as well as law school or other advanced degrees.

As part of the degree, students will be required to be proficient in a foreign language, complete an internship and take a course in research methodology.

Christopher Duncan, chair of the political science department at UD said, “Human rights have become the language in the political and international community for talking about social justice and morality. Students interested in social justice and issues of peace and peacemaking have gravitated toward human rights. This degree captures the mission of a Catholic, Marianist university. It prepares students for professional careers as leaders in service to others.

UD, one of the nation's preeminent Catholic universities, is a pioneer in human rights education. In 1998, UD launched the country's first undergraduate human rights program that included both an international studies degree with a concentration in human rights and a minor in human rights.

College students are facing a world wrestling with poverty, terrorism, genocide and torture. There are no simple answers. By providing a degree in human rights, UD is arming the leaders of tomorrow with the tools they need to face humanitarian challenges, and hopefully bring peace.

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