Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 list of victories for the environment

Since we’re approaching the end of 2007, I thought I’d take a minute to highlight some environmental victories:

  • Official protection for Puerto Rican Coastline -- On October 4, Governor Anibal Acevedo Vila signed an executive order to establish a 3,240-acre natural reserve that will effectively protect all of the lands in the corridor.
  • Congress passes landmark Energy Bill -- Congress gave America a big holiday gift in the form of an energy bill that included increased fuel economy standards, a massive increase in the production of homegrown biofuels, programs to train workers for 3 million green jobs over the next ten years, dramatic increases to the efficiency of our buildings and appliances, and more.
  • Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency -- The Sierra Club won a landmark Supreme Court ruling stating that the EPA has the power to and must regulate carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels as a pollutant.
For a complete list 2007 Sierra Club Victories, click here.

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