Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Continuing Developments in Same-Sex Marriage Rights

In the past week supporters of same-sex marriage have experienced two victories – each unique in their own way. Last week, an Iowa court ruled that same-sex marriage was permissible in the state. On Tuesday of this week, the Vermont Legislature passed a Bill allowing same-sex marriage.

Many were surprised by the ruling in Iowa, as the issue was not as showcased as it had been in other states. While many focused on California’s Proposition 8 and New York’s consideration of same-sex marriage rights, Iowa’s court entered a judgment addressing this issue.

In Vermont, the Governor Jim Douglas had vetoed a Bill permitting same-sex marriage in the state. On Tuesday, the State Legislature overrode this veto to become the first state to allow same-sex marriage by statute rather than by court decision.

Supporters of same-sex marriage are hoping that these recent developments spur action in other states. At present, New York, New Jersey, Maine and New Hampshire have same-sex marriage proposals are receiving support from the legislature. With Vermont having taken this step, many hope that these states will do the same.

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