Friday, March 27, 2009

From Ohio Citizen Action:

I'm delighted to report on a major development in the battle to end mountaintop removal coal mining. On Tuesday, the Obama Administration announced the first step toward a crackdown on mountaintop removal permits. The Army Corps of Engineers had been poised to approve scores of new mountaintop removal projects, and this announcement put the brakes on. Credit for this goes to thousands of Ohio Citizen Action members and others in Appalachia and elsewhere who have fought doggedly for years, and of course, to President Obama.

Our work is not done though. Coal companies have already leveled over 500 mountains and, under current permits, are detonating dynamite charges every day to level more. They are not going to stop voluntarily. Though Obama's action yesterday was a good first step, it is not the ban on mountaintop removal we need.

For more on this campaign, please visit Ohio Citizen Action.

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