Saturday, February 23, 2008

Do you have a favorite tragic figure from casebooks?

Who is your favorite tragic figure from the casebooks? Prawfsblawg invites your nominations in the comments to this post. After receiving your input, Prawfsblawg will compile a list of candidates, and then elect the Greatest All-Time Victim in Caselaw History.

Professor Johnson presents an interesting question in his post. A package that explodes when dropped, a cow that unexpectedly turns fertile, a hairy hand, or a little boy who pulls a chair out from under an old lady are the foundation of the American legal profession. Click here and cast your vote. I’d say that the little boy who had to pay $11,000 won’t soon forget that it is impolite to pull chairs out from under an arthritic old lady . . . even if he didn't mean it.

Go ahead, take a chance and cast your vote. It might be fun!

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